We are record our main worship service sermons.  They are available in both video and audio format. Whether you missed the service, or want to share the links with others, this resource is available without charge.  However, keep in mind that much of the material is protected by copyright laws, so please respect the speakers by not copying or distributing their works without permission.  Use the links below to download or watch recent sermons.


Sermon videos can be viewed by clicking on the Video tab above.

Victory Baptist Church Vimeo Channel

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Read Through the Bible in a Year

Let’s do this together!  Read through the Bible in a year.  Click the link below to view or print the daily Bible reading schedule:

Victory’s Daily Bible Reading Schedule

Tabernacle Verses

In the concluding message of the Formed series, Pastor Dave presented a Tabernacle Experience where four elements of the tabernacle were represented and the Old and New Testament meanings presented. Here are the verses that were at each element: Tabernacle Scriptures (click to download)