2016-02-21 When God Prevails - A New Name A New Man - Dave Lantow from Victory Baptist Church on Vimeo.

When God Prevails: A New Name, A New Man

Life Action Points for “A New Name; A New Man”

In last weekend’s message “A New Name; A New Man”, Pastor Dave explored the renewal of Jacob’s life, faith, and family.  Jacob had a life-changing encounter with God at Bethel. Use this week’s Life Action Points (LAPs) to apply the message to your life.

LAP #1: Read Genesis 35:1. God called Jacob to return to Bethel, the place where he first met the Lord.  Jacob needed to remember his own desperation from that dark time in his life so he could move forward with renewed faith.  What do you need to remember about when you first met God?

LAP #2: Read Genesis 35:2. Jacob called on his family to clean their house of foreign gods.  Think of foreign gods as any loyalties that keep you from giving your whole life to the One True God.  Do your own spiritual house cleaning.  What are the things that keep you from giving your whole life to God?

LAP #3: Read Genesis 35:3, 14. An altar is a place of worship.  Jacob built an altar to God because He “answers in my day of distress” and He “has been with me wherever I have gone.” As you look back on your life with God, how would you describe God’s faithfulness to you?

LAP #4: Read Genesis 35:10.  Jacob was haunted his whole life by a name and reputation that brought images of deception and manipulation.  The Lord changed Jacob’s name to Israel.  He then lived as a different person; one who trusted God first, told the truth, and led his family.  What part of your history calls for a fresh start?  Ask God to renew your past and lead you into His newness.

LAP #5: Read Genesis 35:11-12.  God gave Jacob an abundant blessing.  The beginning of the blessing was an introduction of Himself: “I am God Almighty”.  This is a reminder that goodness begins with God.  To receive his blessings, you need to live in His storyline.  What goodness are you thankful to God about?  And what goodness are you asking Him to pour out?