2016-01-17 When God Prevails - Finding Your Way Back to Where You Belong - Dave Lantow from Victory Baptist Church on Vimeo.

When God Prevails: Finding Your Way Back to Where You Belong

In last weekend’s message “Finding Your Way Back to Where You Belong”, Pastor Dave showed how God used circumstances to help Jacob get back to his homeland.  In the process, Jacob was able to face his fears and conquer them with courage.  Use this week’s Life Action Points (LAPs) to apply this message to your life.  
LAP #1
Read Genesis 31:7.  Jacob worked for his uncle Laban, who tried to cheat Jacob out of his wages. Jacob didn’t try to gain back what was rightfully his, instead he trust God to do it.  And God came through.  What battles in your life do you need to trust into God’s care?  Once you trust Him, you will experience His power.
LAP #2
Read Genesis 31:1-16.  With Jacob’s newfound prosperity, uncle Laban became  jealous. Jacob lost favor with his Uncle.   When God called on Jacob to leave Haran and take his family far away to Canaan, he practiced a powerful leadership skill that contributed to his success: private shaping of plans with those who will be affected by the decision.  Jacob called a meeting with Leah and Rachel to decide what they would do.  And they decided together to go with God back to Canaan.  In your decisions, who are the people that will be affected?  Take the time to discuss plans with them, get their input, and make a good decision together.
LAP #3
Read Genesis 31:17-21. Even while practicing new habits, Jacob went back to his old ways by running away without telling Laban what he was doing.  This is a temptation of every child of God, to go back to who you used to be apart from Christ.  Remember this: even when you take a step backward, God will not leave you.  Get back on track with God and keep moving forward.
LAP #4
Read Genesis 37: 22-24.  Laban gathered a mob to pursue Jacob, so he would raid his wealth.  But God intervened and warned Laban not to harm Jacob.  If Jacob had trusted God, he would not have had to run.  The Lord was protecting Jacob, even when he didn’t know it.  Is there something or someone you’re running from?  Its time to stop focusing on running and start building trust in God.
LAP #5
Read Genesis 31:33-42.  After Laban caught up with Jacob the two had an intense confrontation.  Jacob rose up to protect his family, business, and himself.  This is the first time we see Jacob confronting someone.  In the past he swindled his way out of trouble or ran away.  There was nowhere to run and he was done swindling.  When he finally stood up, he won the respect of Laban and everyone who witnessed it.  It took courage and he had to conquer fear.  This was only possible because he trusted God.  What do you fear?  Ask God for the courage to confront your fears and watch what happens.