2016-01-03 When God Prevails - You Can Run But You Can't Hide - Dave Lantow from Victory Baptist Church on Vimeo.

When God Prevails: You Can Run, But You Can’t Hide

In last Sunday’s message, “You Can Run But You Can’t Hide,” Pastor Dave looked at Jacob’s two marriages to Leah and Rachel.  Each marriage had formational lessons for Jacob. Use this week’s Life Action Points (LAPs) to apply the message to your life.
LAP #1: Read Genesis 29:18-20.  Jacob agreed to serve Laban as an indentured servant for seven years for the hand of Rachel in marriage.  God was working more in Jacob than through him at this time.  Long term assignments are either fruitful or formational.  And you have to discern what God is doing so you can cooperate with Him.  Which kind of season is it in your life right now?
LAP #2: Read Genesis 29:21-25.  Jacob worked seven years to earn the hand of Rachel.  But her father deceived Jacob and gave him his older daughter Leah for marriage.  Jacob was deceived in the silence and darkness of a custom to bring the groom to his bride in darkness.  Jacob did not know he consummated his wedding bed with Leah instead of Rachel until the next morning.  This event reminded Jacob of how he deceived his blind and feeble father, Isaac, to steal the blessing of his older brother Esau.  Have you ever deceived someone you love?  If so, discern whether there is some way you need to make amends with that person.
LAP #3: Read Genesis 29: 26-30.  Jacob came to accept that he was deceived by Laban and he received Leah as his wife.  Laban’s price to earn Rachel was another seven years of servanthood.  Jacob agreed.  Jacob, the deceiver, was deceived.  He felt the full effect of Laban’s deception.  This humbling experience put Jacob on notice that deception hurts those around you.  Can you see how Jacob was learning to be honest by being treated with dishonesty?  What formational experiences are you going through?  Can you see God in your circumstances?
LAP #4: Read Genesis 29: 31-34.  Leah craved for the kind of affection Jacob had for Rachel.  But he was so enthralled with Rachel, that he could refused to see the pain he caused on his wife Leah.  The Lord saw Leah’s pain and blessed her with four sons.  Each of the first three sons was named for her cry for approval and love.  But with each son, it was still obvious that Jacob loved Rachel more than Leah.  What unanswered prayer are you awaiting fulfillment?  What do you think God is saying to you through this unanswered prayer?
LAP #5: Read Genesis 29:35.  Leah’s fourth son was named Judah.  His name means “praise”,  for Leah said, “This time I will praise the Lord.”.  With the birth of Judah, Leah put her trust in God instead of Jacob’s approval.  Leah gained more than she ever asked for.  She now learned that she could be free from the need for approval and she could find satisfaction in her Creator.  Are you waiting for someone’s approval?  Maybe it’s time to release that person and to take in the sincere approval you already have from God.  He doesn’t condemn you or expect you to be anything more than you are.  And He will do the work of helping you become who you’re meant to be.