2015-12-27 God Prevails - God is Closer Than You Think - Dave Lantow from Victory Baptist Church on Vimeo.

When God Prevails: God is Closer Than You Think


In last weekend’s message, “God is Closer Than You Think” Pastor Dave looked at Jacob’s first encounter with God.  Through a dream God showed His nearness and Jacob had a spiritual awakening.  Use this week’s Life Action Points (LAP’s) to help you apply the message to your life.

LAP #1: Read Genesis 25:29-34.  The birthright here, represented the spiritual leadership of the family.  The two brothers had very different attitudes about the God appointed role of spiritual leadership: Jacob desired the birthright and Esau despised it.  While Jacob swindled his brother out of the birthright, there was something God could redeem: a hunger for the spiritual.  And that’s exactly what God does, he redeems any goodness in the darkest of persons. You are never so far that you’re out of God’s reach.

LAP #2: Read Genesis 28:1-5.  Before sending his son Jacob away, Isaac called him aside for one reason…to bless his son.  This time it was not a stolen blessing, but his own.  In this moment, Isaac showed forgiveness to Jacob for deceiving the family.  Jacob neither asked for it, not did he expect it.  But Isaac sent Jacob on his way, without holding back the words people too often neglect to say.  This blessing of the father was the beginning of Jacob’s long road to redemption.  And it all began with a father’s forgiveness.  Is there someone you need to offer forgiveness?  Who know how God will use your forgiveness to redeem that person!

LAP #3: Read Genesis 28:10-15.  Jacob was far away from family.  He was on the run for his life from his older brother.  He was tired and exhausted.  He thought he was far from the presence of God.  But God met him in his time of need.  God showed that He is real and that He cares.  He promised to be with Jacob and to protect him.  Are you far from God?  Are you in need of His protection?  Now is your time to trust God to fulfill His promises.  Cry out to Him and lay your burdens down.  Ask God to be with you and to guide your next steps.

LAP #4: Read Genesis 28:16-18.  When Jacob awakened to the presence of God in his life, he was filled with reverence for the power of God.  And he set up a pillar of stones to remember where he met God.  Jacob’s hope was that he would carry this memory of God meeting him into the rest of his life.  Have you forgotten about when you met God?  Do you remember His power to deliver you?  It’s time to remember.  It’s time to trust.  And time to to thrive in the name of the Lord.

LAP #5: Read Genesis 28:19-22.  Jacob asked God to be with him; to protect him; and to provide food and clothing.  Jacob promised to follow God and to give a tenth of his earnings back to God.  When you meet God, it changes you and you desire to walk with Him; to change your habits; to honor Him.  The change begins with a desire for God.  But you have to act on it.  Are there some steps that God called you take?  What are you waiting for?  Doing your faith is what leads to your next call to action.