2015-10-11 Blessed - Abraham and Ismael - Dave Lantow from Victory Baptist Church on Vimeo.

Blessed to Be a Blessing: Abram and Ismael

In last weekend’s sermon Pastor Dave looked at Abram and Sarai and how their faith wavered so they took matters into their own hands instead of trusting God.  The consequences created pain for themselves and those around them.  Use this week’s Life Action Points (LAPs) to apply the message to your own life.

LAP #1: Read Genesis 16:1-6.   Abram and Sarai wanted a child, but could not have one.  God promised they would have a son.  But as time slipped away they began to doubt. Doubt is normal, but when they acted on their doubt the created a big problem.  Is there something you’re doubting God to fulfill?  Give yourself more opportunity to trust God, by being honest with God about your doubts.  And share it with another Christian that you can trust.

LAP #2: Read Genesis 16: 1-6.  Abram and Sarai had a hard time waiting for God to fulfill His promise of a child.  So they took matters into their own hands.  They forced it to get their way.  Waiting is a spiritual discipline that requires inner strength and trust, so that you can restrain yourself from making a hasty decision. What are you waiting on God to fulfill?  Pray for it.  Believe it.  And include others by telling them about it.

LAP #3: Read Genesis 16:7-15.  Hagar was rejected and alone.  She was a single mother with a small child.  God met her in the wilderness.  Did you notice three ways God is described in this passage?  What can you learn from God’s example?  (The three ways are: He Hears; He Sees; and He looks after me).

LAP #4: Read Genesis 17:15-21.  Faith runs along the lines of God’s promises.  When Abram and Sarai put their faith in Hagar they were disappointed and caused a lot of pain.  When they put their faith into believing God, their greatest hopes were realized with a son.  Are you putting your faith into anything else, but God’s promises?  If so, don’t you think it’s time for a change?  What promises of God do you need to trust Him to fulfill?

LAP #5: Read Hebrews 11:8-10; 17-19.  Abraham had several times that his faith in God wavered.  How about you?  Has your faith wavered lately?  The good news is that God doesn’t summarize your life by your isolated failures, but by your general direction.  That’s why Abraham was included in the Hall of Faith in Hebrews 11.  His faith became legendary.  Be encouraged and believe God for His promises.