2015-03-01 Family Matters - Meeting the Needs of Your Man - Jim Parsons from Victory Baptist Church on Vimeo.

Meeting the Needs of Your Man

In last week’s message, “Meeting the Needs of Your Man”, Jim Parsons challenged wives to follow God’s plan of submission in marriage.  When we are faced with the choice to go with what’s popular in our culture, or do what the God wants, it seems a no-brainer.  However the topic of submission to our spouse is hot item in today’s world, especially with women.  Don’t be swayed by popular culture or your own pride.  God want’s what is best for you, and His plan is that husbands and wives submit to one another.  For our life action points, here are some ways to meet your husband’s emotional needs:

Remember: the husband and wife have different roles in marriage because we are different.  God knows that.  One is not any more important than the other.  When we humble ourselves, listen, and then follow God’s plan, we find ourselves in a place of joy unspeakable.