2015-02-15 Family Matters - Oneness The Mysterious Qualities of Marriage - Dave Lantow from Victory Baptist Church on Vimeo.

Oneness: The Mysterious Qualities of Marriage

In last Sunday’s message we looked at unique aspects and purposes of masculinity and femininity in marriage. We learned that God created men and women on purpose with distinctive features that prepare us for marriage partnership. 


We invite you to use these Life Action Points to help you apply what we learned from the message entitled ONENESS: Mysteries of Marriage. 


MONDAY: Gen. 2:24. Which is the one word that best describes your marriage? “Me”  is the most frequent killer of Marriage. “Us” is part of thriving marriages. Do something special today to build the US of your marriage. 


TUESDAY: Gen. 2:18 records the first time in the Bible that God said something was not good. We learned it is not good for men and women to be alone. In what ways does your spouse compliment you, revealing that you are better together? 


WEDNESDAY: Gen. 2:20. The companionship of your spouse must be nurtured everyday. What can you do to show yourself a good companion today? 


THURSDAY: Gen. 2:22. When Adam and Eve came together it was God who brought the bride to the groom. Adam was overwhelmed by the sight of Eve. Take some time to make your spouse feel special. 


FRIDAY: Gen. 2:24. Adam and Eve became one flesh. Unity is a call to respect the differences between a man and a woman. Mutual respect will cause your marriage to flourish.