2015-02-08 Family Matters - The Secret Origin of Marriage that Everyone Needs to Know - Dave Lantow from Victory Baptist Church on Vimeo.

The Secret Origin of Marriage that Everyone Needs to Know

In last Sunday’s message “The Secret Origin of Marriage that Everyone Needs to Know”, we explored the beginnings and purpose of marriage in Genesis chapter 1:26-27.  It takes a married man and woman to reflect the complete image of God.  Use the Life Action Points (LAP’s) to help you adjust your thinking about marriage to God’s purposes.

Monday: Genesis 1:26-27. A man and woman together in marriage are meant to shine the image of God. Your marriage is meant to show God’s Image all the time.  Align your thinking to God’s purpose for your marriage.   

Tuesday: Acts 17:28. Your life and meaning are found only in God. You and your spouse are meant to be rooted in Christ. You can do this by together asking God to be at the center of your marriage.  Make your marriage an inviting place for God to live.

Wednesday: 1 John 4:7-8. God is love.  The Father, Son, and Spirit together constantly pour out love in and for the universe.  Your marriage is meant to pour out the love of God.  Discuss and Pray with your spouse about who and how you can love this week.

Thursday: 1 Corinthians 13:1-13. Everything is meaningless without love.  The purpose of your marriage is to singe the Image of God.  As you root your marriage in God you will pour out His love.  What steps should love take through you and your spouse today?

Friday: 1 John 1:9. Once your marriage is rooted in Christ, there is only one thing that will keep God’s love from flowing through your marriage – sin.  When you sin, be quick to make it right.